Trails Committee Chair and FMI: Phil Coyne

Trail Work Schedules

2021 is going to be a full year of trail trips, from Portland Trails Days to Grafton Notch Trails Days, we will have our typical trips to Pleasant Mountain, Cutler Mountain, three trips at the Maine Lodges and other areas as well.

We’re excited to announce we will be working in conjunction with a crew from the Northern Forest Canoe Trail to improve a portage trail around Grand Falls on the Dead River.

Please refer to the trail event calendar for the latest work trip postings.

Peter Roderick Trail Work Award

Due to COVID and budget constraints the scholarship will not be offered in 2021.  

Join the Trails Team!

We are searching for people to join the Trails Committee team and looking for folks to assist leading trail work trips. These people will be responsible for leading a small group of volunteers out to do general trail work during the weekend a few times a year. This work will keep our trails safe and enjoyable for all. Everyone has fun and it’s for a good cause! To join the team click here.  Or for more information please send an email to Phil Coyne click here.

Meet the Trails Team!

We have a core team working and leading trail work trips in Maine. 

  • Phil Coyne: Trails Chair and Trail Leader
  • Peter Roderick: Trail Leader Mentor and Trail Leader
  • Robert Pantel: Trail Adopter Coordinator and Trail Leader
  • David Lynch: Trail Leader
  • Stephanie Lynch: Trail Leader
  • David McCarthy: Trail Leader

Volunteer Trail Resources

  • AMC resources for trail work click here
  • Trail Leader Requirements and Guidelines (adopted 3/2021) click here 

Training at Camp Dodge Trails Center

Camp Dodge Trails Center, a White Mountain National Forest facility operated by the AMC under a special use permit, has been renovated and is now open as a hub for sharing trails skills and knowledge through trainings, workshops, and networking opportunities for the region’s trails volunteers and professionals!  Click here for more info or each out to Amanda Peterson at or 603-466-8128 with any questions.


While hiking in spring you come across a spruce tree that has fallen across the trail. What is your reaction?

  • A. Blowdowns are a part of the hiking experience. I go around them.
  • B. Grumble that someone should do their job.
  • C. I contact the person responsible for the trail.
  • D. I remove the blowdown.

Find out the answer!

Upcoming Trails Schedule

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