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Isle au Haut Loop Hike & Ferry Ride

Date: Thursday, June 20

Acadia National Park has some great hikes, but this rugged shore hike along the exposed southern & western portion of Isle au Haut is very special. The 75-minute ferry ride and mid-week departure ensure a quiet, no-crowd hiking experience. Although we will not be climbing any mountains as is often the case in the main section of the park, this is a rugged coast trail with much up and down and some scrambling. This approximately 5-mile loop hike incorporates short portions of the park gravel road but will mostly be on footpath. We will walk at a moderate pace with periodic stops for scenery and points of interest. Bring your lunch to eat along the shore. The ferry ride ($20 each way) on the mailboat from Stonington (Maine's largest lobster fleet) to Duck Harbor adds to the adventure. You can drive to Stonington that morning but allow time for navigating the limited parking options (parking near the ferry is $8 to $11/day). We plan an early morning start, so staying nearby on Wednesday night may be preferable. Registration is required for this activity - please contact the leader directly to register, to obtain boat departure details and for Wednesday night camping options. Space is limited to 14 participants. No fee but you will have to pay for your own parking, ferry & lunch.

Activity Categories: Hiking
Location: Isle au Haut Unit, Acadia National Park
Region: Maine, Downeast and Acadia
Leader: Tony Barrett 207-833-0939 (Before 9PM)
Co-Leader: Gerry Locke 207-948-2132 (before 9:00 PM)
Registration is required for this activity.