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Summer Across Maine Crazy Beaver Lodge Wander along the Presumpscot River

Date: Sunday, July 25

Beaver LodgeIn recent years beavers have been building lodges along the Presumpscot River. In a stretch less than a mile in length there are six lodges, mostly on the banks of the river. What's going on? Are there beaver living in all of them? How can we tell? This is not a hike; it's a wander or maybe more of a meander abandoning the trail frequently to scramble along the water's edge doubling back on the opposite side of the river and all the time searching for clues to learn more about an amazing animal; the beaver. If you are looking for a point to point hike; do not sign up! You will not enjoy this. If you like the idea of experimenting with something different; this wander might be for you! Expected distance 3-4 miles; flat but uneven terrain, includes scrambling over logs; pushing through shrubs and past small trees, completing a water crossing or two and the possibility of wet feet. Warning! There's no certainty we'll figure out what the beaver are really up to. It won't be the beaver who will be acting crazy. It'll be us! This hike is brought to you in partnership with L.L. Bean and who is generously sponsoring the AMC-L.L. Bean hike series as part of LL Bean's Summer Across Maine. Please note: there is a new registration process in place. When you click on the "registration button", you will need to log in with your email and AMC password to be able to register. If you don't have an AMC account; you will have to create one to complete the registration form which initiates the registration process. You do NOT have to become a member of AMC but you do have to have an account. The form you fill out is then emailed to you and I receive a copy as well. I will follow up with an email to you with some additional questions for you to answer. When you have answered these (by email or by phone) and we are both in agreement this wander is a good fit for you; then your registration will be confirmed.

Activity Categories: Hiking
Location: Presumpscot River, Route 35 North Windham
Region: Maine, Southern and Mid-Coast
Leader: Jeanne Christie 207-310-8708 (before 9pm)
Co-Leader: Tony Anni
Registration is required for this activity.
Trip Difficulty: Easy to moderate difficulty;

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