We hope you will join the Maine Chapter of AMC. You’ll have access to workshops, programs and books, as well as volunteer opportunities both on and off the trail. Additionally, you’ll receive discounts on the variety of lodging opportunities that AMC offers. In addition, all members receive a subscription to AMC Outdoors as well as our Maine Chapter newsletter, Wilderness Matters. Best of all, your support helps AMC protect valuable resources, including lands and habitats in Maine’s North Woods. 

When you join through the AMC website, first-time members earn a 20% discount. Half of the funds from annual memberships fees remain with our local chapter to support Maine projects. Your membership becomes effective about two days after submitting the online form. If you have questions, feel free to email the AMC office at AMCmembership@outdoors.org or our local membership chair at membership@amcmaine.org. We look forward to welcoming you!

Have questions about AMC memberships? View the Membership Q&A to find answers! (PDF, 5 MB)

Keep connected with AMC’s Member Center! Need to renew your membership, update your address information, change your chapter affiliation, or subscribe to AMC electronic newsletters? Check out AMC’s on-line Member Center to do any of the above! Need help getting signed up? Check out the Member Center Guide (PDF, 560 KB) for detailed instructions!