The Maine Chapter is required to review the chapter By-Laws to ensure they are current. The Executive Committee has reviewed the Chapter By-Laws and is proposing an update. Here is a summary of the changes:

  • Various changes to clean up grammar and notation.
  • Changes to relax the constraints on when the annual meeting must be held.
  • Change terms of office to be on a calendar year basis.
  • Change the possible number of consecutive terms for Chair and Vice-Chair from two to three.
  • Changes to standardize the length of time notice must be given to the membership for various events to 30 days.
  • Change in quorum for Executive Committee from five persons to 50% of current membership of Executive Committee.
  • Eliminated electronic voting but simplified remote meeting participation.
  • Increased to 10 the number of members required to make nominations for elected positions.
  • Removed the need for an audited financial report each year. (The AMC still requires a financial report from the chapter.)
  • Require the spending of money to conform to the AMC financial policy.
  • Added a prohibition against discrimination.

The Chapter membership will vote on the proposed By-Laws at the annual meeting November 18, 2017. You can preview the complete By-Laws document.