The Maine Chapter Annual Report was distributed at the Chapter Annual Meeting. You can view a full color copy of the report here.

Some highlights of the Report:

  • This year, 27 Maine Chapter Leaders led more than 450 participants on 98 trips and provided 7 instructional/training sessions. This represents more than an estimated 1,000 hours in volunteer time under the leadership of Bill Brooke and the Outings Committee trip leaders.
  • The Maine Chapter contributed funds to assist with the remodeling of the bunkhouse at Little Lyford Lodge in Maine’s 100 Mile Wilderness as well as $1,000 each to the Maine Woods Community Youth and Environment Project and Teen Wilderness Adventure Trips.
  • The Maine Chapter now reports over 6,500 active members as of September 2018, its highest count in 5 years.
  • The Chapter Executive Committee has 7 openings for chairs. If you think you’d like to tackle a chair position, please contact Paul Hahn, Nominating Committee Chair, for more information,
  • Besides 4 quality newsletters, the Maine Chapter Newsletter editor Carey Kish also produced the latest edition (11th) of the Maine Mountain Guide. This guide now contains 464 pages. This new edition has been thoroughly revised and updated, featuring 175 new trails, 50 new mountains, and 13 additional in-text maps. And Carey is already collecting notes for the next revision.