As AMC’s most ambitious conservation project, the Maine Woods Initiative has afforded the club with a tremendous opportunity to practice what it preaches at a landscape scale in one of the most important conservation regions in Maine. Combining sustainable forestry, world-class recreational facilities and trails, and ecological restoration, AMC has been pioneering a new model of conservation ownership in Maine. With a land base of 70,000 acres or about 100 square miles, AMC’s Land Manager Steve Tatko will reflect on the first decade of AMC’s ownership and what lies ahead during this evening presentation on Thursday April 6 beginning at 6PM at the Bangor Public Library (145 Harlow Street). Steve was born and raised in Willimantic, ME to a fifth generation slate mining family. At a young age he started working for the family business and gained firsthand experience with logging, road building, and business management skills. He was also a history major and became a Registered Maine Forester. He has worked for AMC since 2012. Please contact Nancy Jacobson for more information.