Join us on Thursday February 2 at the Curtis Memorial Library in Brunswick (23 Pleasant Street), for an examination of the behind-the-scenes work undertaken by the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, the Maine A.T. Land Trust and the Maine A.T. Club along with AMC to protect the scenic integrity and hiker experience along the trail in Maine. Most people are aware of the seasonal trail maintenance work required to keep our trails functioning but there are longer-term threats from increased visitation, sprawl development & energy development that can change and degrade the A.T. experience for future generations. Come February 2nd to learn about these ‘behind the scenes’ efforts and to ask your questions about the Appalachian Trail in Maine and how you can get involved. Presentation starts at 7pm. Optional potluck dinner will start at 6pm (please bring a dish to share, help us be green and bring your own cup, plates and silverware). Doors open at 5:30pm. Free and open to the public. Contact Michelle Moody for more information.

This presentation will focus on three specific solutions— visitor use management, current land conservation projects & visual impact legislation— that seek to address these concerns. A fallen tree in the trail may be an easy fix compared to some of these other issues. Claire Polfus, ATC’s Resource Manager in Maine, will provide the latest on increasing use in the 100-mile region & Baxter State Park. Simon Rucker, MATLT Executive Director, will fill us in on the exciting 10,000+-acre conservation easement north of Redington. Tony Barrett, MATC Executive Committee member, will bring the latest news from Augusta on visual impact legislation and why we need it.